Temporary Roof Structures

Temporary Roof Structures

When you are building expensive houses or working with highly sensitive technological equipment, undergoing any construction or refurbishment project can be an incredibly daunting task. Any damage caused to the technology can prove immensely costly, and so you'll need a protection solution to save it from harm.

Our innovative scaffold protection systems, which effectively cover and protect any sensitive, high voltage areas such as data rooms and telephone exchanges. These non-corrosive, non-conductive materials are specially designed for these environments and can be used internally to protect your equipment during any renovation task. Our fully trained, highly experienced technicians can erect these systems safely and securely, so you can continue with any renovation without worry.

Whether you are planning a re-decoration, such as a new coat of paint, or need to undergo repair work, such as ceiling damage or lighting faults, we can surround and protect your equipment, successfully eliminating the risk of damage. So if your building contains extremely expensive, delicate technology, such as in a server centre, and you are planning to rejuvenate your premises contact the dedicated team at Bournemouth Scaffolding today.

Our Temporary Roof Structure expertise includes:

  • We take the time to understand the exact scaffolding requirements you require
  • Help, advice and planning expertise
  • Scaffold designs with drawings and calculations
  • Large stock of modern, well maintained scaffolding
  • Highly motivated workforce
  • Licensed and experienced

Further Information:

We will be more than pleased to discuss and assess your particular needs and provide some of the most competitive quotes around. Please feel free to contact the friendly team at Bournemouth Scaffolding today on 01202 531819 or email info@bournemouthscaffolding.com

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